Empty Shelves to Full Inventory

Empty Shelves to Full Inventory

This is the story of a widow named Zipporah or ‘Zippy’ for short. Zippy has been with us from the beginning of our ministry for over ten years. She is a faithful disciple and helps others even when she has little. The name Zipporah means (bird) and she has always been a 'busy little bird'. Zippy has always been industrious, thinking of new ways to provide for her children. Surviving in Kenya as a widow is more than challenging requiring constant diligence. 

Son Maina, Daughter Purity, and Mom 'Zippy'

When her husband died she was left with two or three ‘ten by ten' (rooms) to rent out for income. She was set back by the onslaught of COVID-19 and managed to survive the rising cost of living due to the Pandemic. She has really struggled to help put her two children attend college. 

Lately, it has been more than she can handle. She lost all her inventory leaving empty shelves.

Through generous donations we have been able to help her restock the shelves and reopen her small neighborhood store that she runs daily.

Zippy and grandson

“The poor widow who was once sad is now very happy! God Bless StoneHouse”.

Catching water from the leaking roof in every room of the house was a daily occurrence during the rainy season. She has recently fixed her leaking roof and the roofs of the small rental rooms so she can resume renting them out. 

Despite all these tribulations, Zippy has brought together a small church group in her house. She loves to teach the Word of God to women, children, and youth leading them to salvation and baptism.

We recently purchased her a banner that she requested to let her neighbors know that her home is open for church meetings. StoneHouse Ministries prays for a hundred more Zippys.