Ethny, our 19-year-old granddaughter from Alabama, came for a visit and we all … had a blast! I must say though, that from the very beginning, starting with the airport, it was an adventure that flew by too quickly.  

Arriving at the Nairobi International Airport with great anticipation, we waited for what seemed like hours with no sign of Ethny or the two wonderful missionaries she traveled with. The two ... Remco and Jennifer are wonderful people, having a ministry called ‘True Identity’ that SMI fully recommends. We were blessed to have them teach our people and it was very well received. More about that in a future story. All the sign-holders at the Airport found their people but we continued waiting. We would find out until an hour later that KLM had lost Ethny’s suitcase, which wouldn’t be returned for two days. As it was after midnight we decided to spend the night in a hotel near the airport in Nairobi.

The next morning we stopped by the Kibera slums to say hi to some friends and let Ethny see how the other eighty percent of the world lives. Needless to say it was quite an eye-opener for her. Then we left Nairobi for the three-and-a-half-hour drive to Nakuru and our home we call ‘Windy Hill Christian Community’. 

On the way we stopped at a mountain top just outside Nairobi called Viewpoint. We took some pictures from which you can see seemingly forever. The vista is spectacular. A little further down the road, we passed a distant, slightly active volcano. Halfway to Nakuru, we began to see some monkeys, zebras, and Impalas along the road which is always exciting for the first-time African visitor to experience. 

The last few miles on the way home is always fun as we hand out candy to scores of the local children. When we finally arrived at our house, she was met by the friends who call ‘Windy Hill Christian Community’ their home. 

Njeroge and Wangui’s family was first and it didn’t take long for their daughter Stella and Ethny to become best friends. The next 3 weeks would be a wonderful bonding experience as Stella introduced Ethny to all her friends. We crammed a lot in those three weeks. 

Seven-hour-hair-braiding-sessions, grocery shopping in Nakuru, lunch at nyama choma (roasted goat) where you eat with your hands, interviewing L.E.A.R.N. students, visiting schools and teachers, helping a widow start a small business selling second hand clothes, a trip to Thomson Falls and the Equator for a hike with friends, a safari outside of Nairobi, visiting Masai Market where we found out what a great negotiator Ethny is, etc..

Then back to Nairobi for my medical test (another story) and a Game Park Safari

Right before her plane left that night, we ate a great meal of Nyama Choma and laughed till we hurt. We met Remco and Jennifer, her traveling companions, at the airport … who would accompany her back to America. It was hard to let her go but we were so grateful for our time together. We thank Chris and Renee (her parents) for sharing their lovely daughter, our dear granddaughter. She was a blessing to many … especially Cynthia and I.  

Until we meet again.......