Fire at Lucy's

Fire at Lucy's
Lucy Wambui

Lucy Wambui has been with us for years. The Engashura StoneHouse church was begun by her mother and when she passed away Lucy stepped in the gap. She is a good disciple and being among the first in Kenya to ask to be made a disciple of Christ. She is a good friend, sister and co-worker. Lucy assists us with the burden of the StoneHouse accounting and keeping the books. She has been invaluable to the ministry and has proven herself faithful and trustworthy over the years. She is married and a mother to four girls.

Being a dedicated follower of Christ, Lucy is well acquainted with the vicious attacks of our adversary. Christmas morning she was accosted again with another terrible hit. Here are the pictures and her account of the trial by fire. Should anyone be so moved to help her and her family please contribute to her recovery.  

“On date 25th December 2023 we woke up as usual and started preparing for Christmas day, at around 1 pm we left home and went out for swimming. After about one hour I received a call from my neighbor that our house was on fire. I took a motorbike and immediately rushed home.

I found my barn on fire and the cow shed. I asked for help from my neighbors who came to our rescue and poured sand on the fire. We also called the fire brigade and they came to our rescue because the shed is near the house.

Everything turned to ashes including the motorbike, maize sacks, beans, potatoes and all the farming tools that we keep in the shed.

We thank God there were no casualties, and also our house did not catch fire, no one was injured  except we lost everything inside the tool shed and the cow shed`.

Blessings Lucy