Head Over Heels ...

Head Over Heels ...

It is said that any journey begins with taking your first step and this is obviously true. Yet, another obvious truth, you can painfully discover, is that if you miss that first step on the way down the stairs, your journey will exponentially speed up. That first step turned out to be my one and only step as I tumbled down the rest of the other fifteen stairs.

My beloved wife ran to the door at the bottom of the steps to see if I was still breathing, as the sound of old bones crashing against the wooden steps can be a little startling.

My knee

As I managed to get up I thanked our ever faithful Father in Heaven that I didn’t break my neck and seemed to have no broken bones. Thank you Father.

That being said … everything hurt. As has been stated many times before … ‘Getting old is not for wimps!’

Pray always for the missionaries in their golden years !