Health and a Harley

Health and a Harley

I finally got a Harley. Always wanted one but in my younger days I had to settle for a four cylinder Honda 750. I did own a 250cc for a while here in Kenya, but now I ride a black Harley. Just kidding … I am not confined to a wheelchair. My wife and friends still won’t let me ride a motorcycle.  

As I have written previously, 2023 was a very challenging year, and especially concerning my health. Doctors telling me I had cancer, lymph nodes swelling with pain, and sciatica giving me a fit. 

After a MRI, biopsies, blood test and finally a Pet Scan, we finally found a doctor who we felt good with. After all those tests and ‘second opinions’, I’m actually doing a lot better. Blood test showed that I had Epstein Barr viral infection and that is the probable cause of the swollen lymph nodes. 

I still take painkillers (Tylenol and Ibuprofen) for different aches and pains, but things are looking up. One of the biggest changes began with me taking Artemisia herbal tea daily which has greatly decreased the lymph node swelling and pain and has improved along with my blood pressure. 

The doctor we found in Nakuru is a good and sincere practitioner. He is from Egypt and his grandmother is an herbalist. He liked hearing about our home grown Artemisia. So we’ll watch the symptoms. As long as there’s improvement I won’t need any further intervention.

Thank you for your prayers!