Letting Eductional Adoption Reshape the Nation

Letting Eductional Adoption Reshape the Nation


Years ago, we began a ministry called L.E.A.R.N. (Letting Educational Adoption Reshape the Nation). The purpose of this ministry was to help impoverished children from the Kenya slums obtain an education through StoneHouse friends and family by educationally ‘adopting’ (financially assisting) these children. 

Through sponsorship we are able to assist many families with educating their children. Kenya schools all require some financial expense from each student. Many poor families aren’t able to afford to pay so kids simply don’t go to school. When we sponsor a child they can not only get an education but also at least one hot meal a day at school. This not only helps the student but the family benefits. An educated child will grow up and help support their parents who have never had the opportunity to get an education themselves.

It is emotionally painful to see children with bright minds having no possibility for advancement and development in breaking their cycle of poverty. Their stories are heartrending and there are thousands of them. Unfortunately, we have to turn away more than we can help.

Since LEARN’s beginning, we have assisted scores of children in going through primary and secondary and finally graduating. Many of our friends and family responded by funding these children’s education. However, with the onslaught of the economic impact of the COVID pandemic, we lost almost a fourth of this vital assistance. Yet, the children’s success stories continue.

Each year we gather the students to have a celebration of those successes. Students stand and testify of their growing relationships with God and their progress in school … it is totally encouraging. We provide each student with a new backpack, school supplies, and encouragement. 

We say "Thank you!" to our committed sponsors and invite others to join this ministry by sponsoring a child. Prayerfully consider helping us to help them. 

If you want to sponsor a child...

Blessings from the StoneHouse.