The Stonehouse Guest House

The Stonehouse Guest House

StoneHouse presents to you … the StoneHouse Guest House! We call this delightful place the ‘Weaver’s Nest Guest House’. Every year hundreds of Weaver birds flock to our compound building little houses from long strands of grass in the trees. For the last two years, we have been building a place where people can come and relax. 

Located within our three-and-a-half-acre community, Weaver’s Nest is within view of Lake Nakuru National Game Park where you can occasionally hear and see some of the animals. It is a quiet, peaceful, beautiful place that offers sanctuary for the weary soul. We have already begun letting visitors stay and have received many wonderful reviews. If you are planning to come to Nakuru come and visit us.

The project began almost two years ago from the need to provide a dwelling place for another missionary … Mark Moore. Mark was a missionary called to Kenya to help strengthen churches. Through his short-term visits, we found a common thread in our ministries. We loved the poor.

After sensing the love we had for each we had for one another, Mark asked us if he could live with us. After much prayer and thought we told Mark to select a site for his house. He did so and we began to work. 

Yet sadly  … during the time of construction, Mark developed an aggressive form of Leukemia. Within 3 months our brother and friend would rest in the arms of Jesus Christ. Before passing he instructed us to use his house for the ministry.

Mark Moore

We continued to finish the house for the ministry of abandoned women and widows. After much consideration we decided to use the one-quarter finished house as an Airbnb to raise funds for that ministry. 

Almost a year and a half later, we have almost finished. This is a pictorial post of our progress, We only lack one bathroom, and furnishings to complete the work. Just a sink, shower, and the plumbing for the smaller bathroom and we will be done. All profit from the Airbnb will go to the Ministry of Abandoned Women and Widows ministry. May this bring a smile to His son Mark.