Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry

Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry

This is a great example of how StoneHouse Ministries and our partners, Heaven’s Family work together. This is a text from the overseer of our church in Kibera concerning a woman we helped who lived in the dump next to Kibera. 

I salute you in Christ Jesus, hoping you are doing well in our beloved master. ln Kenya Kibera all is well, and we thank God for the work you started at the dumpsite in the beginning of this year. I elaborate with great joy for what you have done for us (through) Heavens Family to change the lives of brethren in Africa, Kibera Kenya. A dawn (new day) started for Miriam Wanjiku who had no hope for tomorrow, food was a riddle, seeing a new day was a nightmare 'khat ' alcohol was the order of the day to elope the cruelty of a disadvantaged life. After giving her life to Christ completely, life has turned around to be a little heaven on earth despite it was hell. Through Stonehouse and Heavens Family, she started a small scale business of selling candies, diapers and tissue papers. Amazing God is faithful, God has enhanced her business doing much well, graduated to a good stock after gaining profit, which includes socks, inner wears both for men, women and children. She has a vision that she will rise to a bigger shop. All illicit drugs and beer she can't imagine that she was addicted! Now she is free!

Sospeter Barasa - Church Leader of SMI Kibera 

From the hearts of generous donors, we were able to get these ladies into houses and helped them start small businesses giving them opportunity and hope!

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