Keep on walking!

Keep on walking!

“When praying over what has happened the Lord gave me this word in the book of John 12:24-25 that unless the seed of corn drops on the ground and is buried there will be no more fruits. That’s what God has done with our dear David. As a good corn He has decided to bury him. Watch out and see how Stonehouse Ministries will pop up like popcorn! How God will do it I don’t know but He Himself knows.” 

Joan Kikima

We want you to know that SMI will continue to disciple the people and help them grow as they walk and live and have their being in the kingdom of God on earth. They are continually taking care of one another and loving those who don’t know God until such a time as all will come to know Him.

As David continues his journey to the heavenlies he is at peace and in no pain at all. I think he is enjoying this quiet time.

He is on his way to Glory!

David's last words of exhortation to everyone who came to his bedside....

"Keep on walking!"

Please continue to pray for us. We are grateful for all of you who support this ministry with prayers and resources.

Stonehouse Ministries International