Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Most anybody who knows us knows how much we love plants and flowers. We have worked hard to make Windy Hill reflective of our King’s beauty. Sometimes our plants surprise us. Such was the case two days ago. 

A plant called ‘Dragon Fruit’ (Pitaya) that has been sitting on the wall of my upstairs porch, just growing and spreading its cactus-like arms, surprised us with a beautiful little pine cone-looking growth. As we watched the ‘pinecone’ grow we wondered what it would become. 

One morning I got up to go out on the porch and was shocked by the amount of bees flying around and one of the most fragrant smells I have ever experienced. This is what appeared.

Later I discovered that the Dragon fruit flower blooms at night and only lasts one day … but what an incredible show.

The next day it was gone, leaving only the memory of its amazing show.

All of this started me thinking that some of the most memorable people I’ve met didn’t ‘bloom’ for a long time yet, when they did it left me with such wonderful memories. 

For 30 years my King went almost unnoticed, till His life exploded for three years with such beautiful life-giving color and an amazing sweet fragrance. All the ‘honey-seeking bees’ (disciples) were astounded by his glory and grace during those three years. Not everyone around him could see His glory or smell the life-giving sweetness. But some did and were transformed into sharing His life and sweetness. 

It's sort of like a certain amazing community in West Tennessee. We thought it would last forever, but it wasn’t created for that purpose. Yet, those who were transformed will never forget its blooming. 

Sometimes we miss some of the most beautiful things because they are, in this life short lived, and yet, I am convinced we will see them again. Perhaps not in the same form, but when we do see them we will definitely recognize their essence.